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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Tony Tang, from Sacramento, CA. I would like to say a few words to all members of this site, thank you for your warm welcome and accepting me a a newest unexperienced rookie in the world of H.I.
    I currently work as P.I, Private Investigator that is, I got in this type of job by surfing the web and took some on-line training. Money is not as good as I thought so for now I am thinking about changing my career from P.I to H.I.

    What are some good Home Inspection on-line training schools would you recommend? AHIT & PHII are 2 reputable shools with afordable fee, my goal is to pass the exam on National Home Inspection Institute, I heard it's a tough one.

    Thanks eveyone, I look forward to be a productive member of this site, your recommendation is greatly appreciated.


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    Good to have you Tony... You are off on the right foot with this web-site Some of the best inspectors in the country drop in from time to time. Start by going back of all the post in the search section.


    Healdsburg Ca


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