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    Hello to everyone! I am just about ready to hang out my shingle in Maryland.Took a 40 hr. course in 06,just finished 81 hrs. and passed the class and NHIE.If anyone could point me in the right direction for finding a good agreement/contract as well as other legal type documents I would realy appreciate it.Does anyone know about the MD.Assoc. of H.I's ?
    I would also like to do a ride a long,and would gladly pay to do so.I have enjoyed using this site the past few weeks,it looks like a great source of information and support and I hope someday to be able to help someone else. Thanks in advance for any help.
    Tim Ewen

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    Congrats on the NHIE. That is not an easy test.

    Come and join MAHI. For $95 a year you can't beet the support shared at the meetings by the more seasoned inspectors. The listing on the website is worth more than the $95 alone.

    The next meeting is Sept. 16.

    Maryland Associations of Home Inspectors | Maryland Home Inspection | MD Home Inspector

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    Welcome to the mother of all boards.

    good to have you around. You can do a ride-A-long with me any time.

    $ 100.00 L.O.L. I'm Just north of San Francisco Ca.



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    Thanks John,
    I didn't have too hard of a time with the NHIE, I was lucky I had some background prior to my most recent class that helped me get through it. I actually struggled more with my final class test.Looking forward to joining MAHI,I am still in the licensing process,so as soon as I get that in hand I will join.Did I see that you went to Building Specs ? If so maybe we can talk priveately about that, I went there in 06, and was curious about some things. Thanks again, Tim Ewen

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    Hey Ron, Thanks for the offer, I'm glad somebody else has a sense of humor.I'm sure I will be on here more in the future.

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    Hi Tim,
    Welcome to Maryland and congrats on passing the NHIE. Where are you in Maryland? I am in the Frederick area and would be happy to have you do some ride alongs. drop me a line and we can set something up.



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