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    Default Hello, from Kitchener,Ontario,Canada

    Good afternoon: My name is Phillip Bates & I am the Gas Service Inspector at Kitchener Utilities. We are a city-owned natural gas utility (actually Gas & Water Dept., although I have nothing to do with water myself), one of only two in the province - Kingston is the other- that still retain public ownership of their natural gas utility. My job is to do inspections of newly installed & existing gas appliances, do information calls related to the gas industry/installations/Code book regulations; & as well & in particular I issue & do follow-up inspections for infractions issued by ourselves or installers/contractors relating to non-compliance with the B-149.1 Code in the city of Kitchener.
    I originally signed up with this site when I was looking into the issue of bonding/grounding of corrugated stainless steel tubing(CSST). I shall periodically check the site for items of interest to both myself & my employer.Good day to you.

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    Hello from Steven in New Jersey.

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    Hello and welcome from Raymond Wand to the east of you in Caledon, Ontario.

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