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    Default My name is Michael McCann and I'm a newbie

    Hello all...

    I just registered and am a licensed Civil and Structural Engineer in four states, residing in Everett, Washington. I've been performing occasional inspections of residences, commercial, retail, and industrial buildings for about 30 years now, mostly on the structural end. I have written many reports for insurance companies over the years and have seen a lot of things, good and bad.

    I would like to learn more from others in the inspection field as I was unaware prior to tonight's web search that this forum opportunity existed. I would like to learn more of your experiences and the situations you have encountered.

    Let me hear from the group... especially those living in the greater Puget Sound area. Thanks.

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    Default Re: My name is Michael McCann and I'm a newbie

    MM: Welcome. Nice avatar - even if you are an engineer . . .

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    Default Re: My name is Michael McCann and I'm a newbie

    Welcome Michael... I live in Vancouver Wash for a few years. Love that state... The fishing was always good back then...1975 -1980

    How are the Steel head Runs now ? Man I miss that stuff...

    Please jump and ad any info you may... Always good to get another view.



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    Default Re: My name is Michael McCann and I'm a newbie

    Hi Michael,

    I don't know whether you are aware of it, but a new home inspector licensing law just took effect in Washington State.

    Engineers are exempt from the law when they are working within the scope of their profession - doing engineering reports - but they come under the jurisdication of DOL and must meet all other requirements for home inspector licensing when they are doing a "home inspection" for someone that is purchasing a home.

    To familiarize yourself with the requirements of the new laws, go to the link below and download that document.

    Dave Pioli of Criterium Engineers in Bothell is on the state home inspectors advisory licensing board and he can answer your questions relative to what's going to constitute a home inspection versus engineering work, so you don't run afoul of the new rules.


    Mike O'Handley, LHI
    Your Inspector LLC.
    Kenmore, Washington
    Wa. Lic. Home Inspector #202


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