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    Default New Inspector in AZ

    Howdy Folks!
    I have just completed training through AHIT, here in Arizona. I have the National Home Inspector Exam scheduled for next Tuesday - Looking forward to being done with that and then on to my parallel inspections as required here in AZ. I'll be watching this forum for all that any of you may have to offer.

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    Default Re: New Inspector in AZ

    Welcome Charles,

    Glad to Have You Here.

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    Default Re: New Inspector in AZ

    Yes, a big welcome Charles!

    Plenty of work here for all of us. Good luck on the test. I'm sure you were taught this, but be sure to study all the things you will never see here in town. I mean, the National test has heating system questions about stuff I've never seen here. You will do fine! Best wishes.
    a couple of tips.....

    Be safe! Get a good bump cap, head light for the attics. Always double/triple check your ladder for stability.

    Be friendly and approachable to everyone at the inspection. Friends don't usually sue friends, if they can talk out a problem, if one arises.

    We don't have to offer warranties, but you can find freebies to offer your customer's. It can also help you. Things break, an A/C may be working fine one day and die the next - it will really piss off a client. Be sure to use phrases like "at the time of inspection" when describing things.

    good luck!

    Dave Hill
    Buyers & Sellers Property Inspections LLC

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    Default Re: New Inspector in AZ

    Thanks Dave, This is a new career for me, and as with anything, being able to listen, read and watch those that have been around for a while, is very helpful.


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