We are St Johns inspection Services. We started doing REO servies last summer by accident really. I took out an ad on Craigslist for my son to do lawn work over the summer. Well one call and next thing I know we are taking care of homes all over the North East and Central Florida. And we just signed on with Ocwen and well like the man said in in the original movie Jaws 1, "We're going to need a bigger boat." And then the server is down and you can't submit work. Or Garmin takes you the wrong way or they don't want to move out. Don't you f!#%!!ing understand?

My resume stems from 25 years in the construction industry. I started at the bottom. I was working in the restaurant business and was Soux Chef at a fancy restaurant staring at the same four walls everyday. Then I met a gir. Her 'daddy', as they'd say in Carolina, was a Master Carpenter and there wasn't anything he could not do. When they wanted to restore the '5 Points Theatre' in Jacksonville, Florida, they wanted square, blah. Well he and I made these incredible pillars with radius work around the windows and it really came out nice. And during the next 24 years I have thought it, drawn it, contracted it, scheduled it, managed it, changed it. I have an AS Degree in Construction Technology. I am State certified for wind/storm mitigation. I have an ASHI 120-hour certification and 60-hour commercial supplemental I guess is what it is. I spent 9 years with Centex Resorts and have received many awards due to my abilities. I don't cut corners. I make it right. And now there almost nothing I can do.

I like to help when I can. Problem is I seem to be on this computer about as much time as I am in the field. But if there is anything I can help with just let me know. And may peace and good will be with you all.

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