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    I would like to say hello and ask a couple of questions. I am new to the business in the DC metro area and have just received my Maryland license days ago. In the mean time I have been checking out all the info on this site. Thank you all for some great info. I also did so family inspections while I was waiting and ran across a couple of things that gave me pause. Attached are a couple of pics of a bathroom fan vent I discovered in attic which was not completely exhausted out the roof. This was written up as marginal condition and should be looked at by HAVC person for evaluation and possible repair. Was that a good call or not? Second issue (for me at least) was the fact that the waste pipe vent had a second connection in the attic but was sloping down into the other vent pipe. My call again was to be looked at by plumber for evaluation and / or repair. From a
    what I gathered by my training these both posed a possible problem, the first moisture in the attic and the second, the possibility of waste gases not venting properly. Would like to get opinions of those who are far more seasoned than I. Thanks

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    Hi Alan and Welcome to the fun...

    I have to ask; Did you tell your clients what was wrong and what needed to be done or just that they needed to call somebody else like the plumber, HVAC contractor, etc....

    Scott Patterson, ACI
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    It was a family member and a practice inspection and on the exhaust fan I explained that this was only something they may want to have fixed in the future. On the Waste Vent pipe I explained it was my interpretation and that I would verify. Of course I would not have that luxury if it were a paying customer.


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