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    Smile Hi, folks

    I operate a building company based in the Winchester, VA, area. We do custom homes, additions, remodeling and such, mostly in Northern VA down to the DC line. Been in the business since 1991. When I started, there were contractors around who could recall when there were no inspections other than, I think, electrical and gas. Heard a lot of stories about shotgun-toting contractors running inspectors off. That's all changed now. In any case, hope to pick up some good pointers here. In fact, I stumbled in this board looking for an answer to a CSST code question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John d'Amecourt View Post

    shotgun-toting contractors running inspectors off
    Welcome John,
    * I think.
    But Some of Us

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    Welcome John, I found this site while looking for code answers also. I have found it to be an incredible resource, everyone does not always agree, but if you were reading the CSST threads you already know this.


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