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    Hello, I am new to InspectionNews and wanted to introduce myself and let people know what I am working on that may be of some interest and use to other inspectors out there.

    I am currently working on an inspection application for evaluating ADA Compliance (Americans with Disabilities Act). the app will do an ADA compliance check without any knowledge of the ADA codes or requirements; you just need to know what and where to measure.

    This application will not be available until later this year if everything goes well and it will be available for use by anyone that is interested. In the interim I invite you to visit to check out the proof of concept by testing one of the available low level inspection forms online that do compliance checking.

    Feel free to contact me if you think you may be interested or would like to contribute some input or recommendations.

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    This is a highly litigous field, particularly in California, Oregon, Texas, Florida, and other states. Many states have their on accessibility laws.

    It is great that people are becoming more aware of the need to make commercial properties accessible. However, you should not enter this field without special E&O insurance. And since this is specifically a code compliance inspection, your home inspection insurance will not cover you.

    I've been doing ADA compliance inspections for five years. No two properties are the same, and when you get into the older properties (pre-1991) you cannot always apply the current code.


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