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    Default Help identify ceiling object

    Hi Folks, It has been some time since my last visit here. Hope all is well.

    I was asked by an agent listing a home if I could ask the audience here if they could help identify this device installed in the kitchen ceiling above the microwave.

    My first question to the agent was whether he was aware of any fire sprinkler system in the home. He said there was not.

    I'm stumped. is the photo.... Sign In

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    Default Re: Help identify ceiling object

    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Cox View Post is the photo.... Sign In
    All that link does with me is produce another page with your post on it.

    Try uploading your photos the regular way, so we can view them. Then, hopefully, we can help.

    Jerry Peck
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    Default Re: Help identify ceiling object

    Sorry, Gary... your first posting of a photo and it crashed and burned.

    I do like alot of the other features on the old board better. 1) such feature was the ability to take a posting where the photo did not upload right, cut-past into your browser and have the picture for yourself to manipulate.-- that worked well.

    Another item was when someone did something in their post that you wanted to know how they did that, you could simply go to their post and click on "edit". You couldn't edit their post, but you could see what they did to get it that way.



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