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    Default Re: New to home Inspection


    To the left of the screen you'll notice a list of items which one is "REPORTS"

    Click on it and you'll find many home inspection software companies that might be able to help you.


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    Default Re: New to home Inspection

    Welcome Sam. Take your time and look at them all. Narrow that down to 3-4. Take them for as test run if possible. It's a decision you'll have to live with for years and not everyone likes or can easily use the same report system.

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    One that is not listed at the link Rick suggested is:

    Whisper Solutions ... they offer two applications. The newer and far more adjustable one is: Whisper Reporter.

    I've been using Whisper Reporter since it was first released over 3+ years ago. I used their PI-3 version prior to that.

    Take a look, download, trial run it and evaluate as David suggested.

    Whisper Solutions

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    Default Re: New to home Inspection

    I have used 3D Inspection software since 1995 when they started - they have all applications that you'll need. I have tried several others but most don't compare.

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    Default Re: New to home Inspection

    HomeGauge report software now allows you to add video clips anywhere in the report. Way cool. Home Inspection Software by HomeGauge


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