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    Default becoming an inspector

    Hi, I have been in the building business for over 25 years, and I am now starting an inspection company, what do i need to do to include Radon Testing?, do I need to take a test, and what equipment should I use,

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    Default Re: becoming an inspector

    While the EPA has some recommendations to radon testing it generally leaves requirements up to individual states. You'll need to check with your state radon board to see if licensing is required.
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    Default Rewhat softwear, or forms are best to get started with

    I'am just starting out in the field of home inspection, I have build many homes and remodeled many more, I have checked many different programs, which is the best and lowest cost, thanks

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    Default Re: becoming an inspector

    Lowest cost? See your still thinking like a builder.

    The best equipment and programs don't come cheap.


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    Default Re: becoming an inspector

    Spend some time checking the rules/regulations that home inspectors have to follow in Ohio. Goes for radon testing as well.

    As RH noted ... 'cheap' does not cut it when it comes to providing a quality service.

    If you approach this profession with 'cheap' in mind you will become just another of the many "drive-by" inspectors selling services for $199.00.

    Don't even think about going there if you take pride in your work and this profession.


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