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    Default Hello from the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

    My first time to post. Love this site!! Lots of interesting topics discussed.

    I do have a question, I have been a Professional Home Inspector for about a year now in the state of Texas. My primary service area is the DFW metroplex. I have only done 6 inspections in the last year and can't seem to figure out why I'm not doing more business. Is the housing market that bad right now?

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    Default Re: Hello from the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

    Dog slow for most

    If you have not been in this for a while you will be pounding the streets everyday or you will not be working.

    There are a small handful of inspectors out there that are still relatively busy but most do a serious amount of Realtors office calls, direct snail mail marketing to Realtors and pretty much mastered the art of satisfying and making Realtors very happy with every inspection they do.

    There are a couple websites you can try for marketing your business

    American Home Inspection Training Institute schools, classes, software and reports

    There are of course other schools that offer classes in marketing but the ones you need to pay attention to in this market is the marketing to Realtors.....about as direct and helpful as I can be.

    In this market the Realtors rule the roost.

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    Default Re: Hello from the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

    Hi Jeff
    While Ted is right concerning the role a Realtor plays in getting inspections a good website with good Google ratings helps also. Another good marketing tool is to have satisfied clients write a review. I always ask a client how they came to hire me, of the folks who utilized the internet to make their decision, good reviews were a large part of their decision process. Good Luck Jeff, this is a really slow time in the market at least in Colorado Springs.

    Tom Camp
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