I've been designing fire sprinkler systems for 35 years and I was wondering the total number of heads I've laid out over that time. Best estimate I can come up with is between ten and fifteen thousand a year which leads me to think the number is probably around 400 thousand. If you think of it in terms of square feet assuming an average coverage of 90 sq. ft. it comes out to 36 million square feet.

Some might wonder where certification comes form. Certification comes from the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies or "NICET" which is a non-profit division of the National Society of Professional Engineers. I am certified as a Level IV technician in "Water-Based Fire Protection Systems Layout" which includes fire sprinklers.

Fire sprinklers is what I do, it is my strong point.

I've designed/laid out fire sprinkler systems in chemical and petroleum products facilities, storage complexes, shopping malls, stores, offices, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, motels and even a few one and two family dwellings using NFPA 13D which some of you appear to have heard about.

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