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    Hi new here i am a master electrician in massachusetts

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    Welcome Leo. join in the fun and share the knowlage and don't be afraid to put in your 2 cents worth. Anything more will cost you lol

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    Hey Leo............

    These guys could use some refreshing on terminology.
    My self included!

    If you are a master sparky - don't be afraid to correct guys
    that are miss using or not using correct terminology.

    Especially where ground, grounded, grounding, and bonding are concerned.
    I look forward to your comments in this forum.


    Matt Faust
    Real Estate Inspector

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    Welcome Matt.

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    You guys have electricity in Mass? I thought it was all still candles, fountain pens and parchment paper. Where has all the history gone ...
    $100 a can around here, what are you guys charging?
    "The Code is not a ceiling to reach but a floor to work up from"

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    Hello, My name is Jim Potter. I am new to this forum however, I have been in the inspection profession since the mid 80's. I am a Certified Code Enforcement and Home Inspector. That and a quarter will put a down payment on your next cup of coffee. I will from time to time add opinions and will respectfully add to your posts. Thanks for taking the time to read this. JP

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    Hello JP,

    I life time ago I resided in Hanover, MA. Still have a son loving in the cold up their. Good luck and welcome.


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