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    Default trapped in sewage pipe

    hello everyone,Im new to this site an find it very useful,Me an wife just bought a forclosed home in mi. Its a wreck were replacing everything.our question is the sewer system in home is original 1926 an has no leaks,but as it exits the home from basement there seems to be a trap which gets clogged,we blow it out with a garden hose hooked to a bladder an its good for another month.Do we need this trap?all sinks in house have traps in them this how they did it in the 1920s Id like to dig up an remove trap.what should be done?thanks

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    Default Re: trapped in sewage pipe

    That's whats called a 'whole house trap'. There should also be a thru wall vent next to the trap.

    These are no longer allowed by the Standard Plumbing code unless approved by the local plumbing inspector.

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    I have one on my house still use, i did have the city come out to camera the lines and found the joints all to have tree roots in them, so we removed the section of pipe next to the tree and replaced with plastic ABS pipe and added a chemical to keep roots at bay


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