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    Question Intro

    1- How are you all doing, I'm in California are there members out here?
    2- How does this site help your business?
    3- Helpful hints?

    Tony P in Los Angeles, Ca.

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    Default Re: Intro

    1. I'm doing great. I used to live in Long Beach, but left in 94. There are lots of people from CA on here.
    2. This site does nothing to help my business. However, I do learn a lot from the exchanges between inspectors. This site helps ME, but not the business.
    3. Hints for what? Starting a business? Learning more from the people here?
    Always good to just start reading all the old threads and move on from there.

    If you are asking about starting a business, there have been several threads on that topic too.

    Pull up a chair and dig in.

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    Default Re: Intro

    I mean hints using the site...I usually do not use these types of sites and I'm new to this kind of technology. Exactly what can I do with on this site?

    Tony P

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    Default Re: Intro

    You can gain knowledge from other persons who are in the Real Estate Property Inspection Profession. If you have specific questions, don't hesitate to ask them.

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    Default Re: Intro

    Well, I would recommend you read every reply to every topic. Yeah, really, every one. Even the topics you think you don't care about or know everything already.

    You will see photos of stuff you have not seen on an inspection YET. You will read about all the possible causes and solutions, as well as several different code references why it is wrong and how it should have been done.

    Then when you finally see that defect on an inspection, you will recognize it, and feel confident in explaining the issue to your client. You will already know why it is wrong, how it should be fixed, and move on to the next issue.

    There are things I read about 2-3 years in advance of actually seeing on an inspection. There are things I look for because of reading this board. There are numerous ways I have changed my inspection process because of information on this board. ex: When you operate/test windows, do you also test the tilt function? Is the tilt function part of normal operation?

    You can mark posts, forums, or the entire board as READ and then just keep up with the new stuff. But I still recommend you go back and read through every topic and every reply. You will be amazed at what you will learn. Think of this forum as continuing education that you take daily.

    The other very useful feature is posting the picture of the thing you just have no clue about. What is it, why is it here, and is it installed correctly? You will give three replies within an hour with more information than you thought existed. Very useful for those late night reports and you just want to bounce an idea off another inspector.

    Keep in mind that clients occasionally stumble on to this board and what you write is there for them to see. Your personal and business reputation is being displayed for the world to see. Be polite and check your spelling.

    "The Code is not a peak to reach but a foundation to build from."


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