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    Default Hello from Austin, Tx

    I will be adding my 2 cents worth to this useful resource for building and home inspectors. I have been a professional home inspector in Austin, Tx since 1986, having provided approximately 8000 inspection reports to buyers and sellers.
    Besides the residential inspections, I have also specialized in historical building inspections, having provided inspection reports on a number of landmark homes and buildings. Also, I have a background in energy conservation and green eco technologies. My company is Architectural Inspections in Austin, TX
    Ken Altes, Real Estate Inspector in Austin Texas

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    Default Re: Hello from Austin, Tx

    Your inputs are welcome, Kenneth. There are many threads on umpteen topics in the archives. I for one, don't mind having old topics dredged up if you have a constructive comment.

    John Kogel, RHI, BC HI Lic #47455

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    Default Re: Hello from Austin, Tx


    I believe , no I know, according to TREC, your license # is to be on every page of a web site.


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    Default Re: Hello from Austin, Tx

    Quote Originally Posted by RANDY NICHOLAS View Post

    I believe , no I know, according to TREC, your license # is to be on every page of a web site.

    I believe it is one page such as the contact or about page but I will check again. I do believe I checked that out a short time ago.

    One page would be nice. Many inspectors don't have it on any is a short list of 2500 or so.

    TREC - All Inspectors Qualified to Sponsor

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    Default Re: Hello from Austin, Tx

    Current TREC Rule 535.221 reads:
    (d) Websites containing advertising by one or more inspectors must include the license number of each licensed person whose name or assumed business name appears on the website. For the purposes of an inspector's or inspection company's own website, it is sufficient for the license number(s) to appear on a single prominent page of the website, such as the main page or the "About Us" page. For the purposes of social networking websites, including websites through which licensees may transmit electronic messages to other members of the same site, it is sufficient for license number(s) to appear on the inspector's main or profile page.
    I will be attending today's TREC Commissioner's meeting and will post any significant updates (i.e. new appointees to the IAC) on my company blog.

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    Default Re: Hello from Austin, Tx

    Hello Kenneth, and welcome to this forum. I too just joined about a week ago and find that there are some excellent topics and some pretty smart fellers on here.

    Note: If you want the name of your website to show in your sign off scroll down the page and un-check the box at "Automatically retrieve titles....". I'm still having to do so every time. Maybe there is a way to set that as a default, but I haven't been on here long enough to figure it out.


    Don Putnam
    Austin, Texas


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