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    Smile Hello from Fort Wayne, IN

    New ASHI graduate (last week during blizzard in Chicago) will be taking my Indiana Licensing exam tomorrow. I plan to made inspecting a new full time career. Any and all suggestions welcomed!

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    Default Re: Hello from Fort Wayne, IN

    Good luck with your exam and new career.

    Welcome to the other IN.

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    Default Re: Hello from Fort Wayne, IN

    Don't quit the day job.

    "The Code is not a peak to reach but a foundation to build from."

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    Default Re: Hello from Fort Wayne, IN

    Welcome Indiana

    Oh yeah. Good luck with the exam. I wish you the best of luck.

    One more thing.

    What Bruce said

    Or you could just move to Wisconsin. I believe the unions/gov workers etc, are about to have a take over of the government up there so they can get everything paid for 100% for the rest of their lives.

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    Default Re: Hello from Fort Wayne, IN

    One helluva time to pick to get into home inspections ...

    But it is what it is.

    As noted ... do NOT quite your day job for the next many years.

    In "good times" the general rule of thumb is at least 3+ years before you can get enough work to maintain your and your family's lifestyle.

    Even then ... you must always be marketing your profession. And that does not mean: sucking up to real estate folks.


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