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    Default Newbee from Spring Hill TN

    Hi guy and gals. I am about to be certified in TN as a home inspector. I work in retail in the building industry and will start out part time. Trained in July of last year in Nashville and have been gathering all the information I can from forums such as this. Affordable health insurance will expedite my transition to full time. I was motivated to take up this profession during recent personal real estate transactions and dealing with builders in my area. I would like to partner with someone for a while to make sure that I cover all the bases when I begin to inspect, kinda like a trainee or journeyman. Being a professional and learning all I can about this profession is my daily goal. Any suggestions???

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    Welcome to the board. The East TN Chapter of ASHI is having a meeting on Saturday August 18. If you would like to attend, send me an e-mail and I will take care of your reservation.

    Our continuing education is approved by the State of TN and is very reasonably priced - plus you get a pretty good lunch.

    I'm not sure what the middle TN Chapter is doing, but Scott would know better than I do.

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    Default Re: Newbee from Spring Hill TN

    What does it mean by just posting a link to Scott Pattersons profile? Is that an endorsement, it that a means of scaring this individual after seeing Scotts Picture (does me ).

    Anyway Don.... I take it that the reference link to Scott Pattesons profile indicates that the poster was thinking along the lines of referring you to call or connect with Scott to seek advice/training and guidance.

    If so, the poster is steering you in the right direction. You would be provided a good moral compass to navigate from. Jack also gave good advice--take him up on his offer.

    Be a sponge.

    Good luck with your new endeavour.



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