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    Hello to all i have inspected a condo other day subpanel in garage but had no Main panel anywhere around perimeter of condo does anyone know if these are put in like a equipment room somwhere or condos owners just dont have this access?

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    Hi Tony. I usually see them grouped on the exterior too. I susose it's possible to have tmen hidden somewhere. Did you contact or tell the buyers to contact the condo. association?

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    I find it not uncommon to have a panel in condo with no main breaker.
    Service panel with main breaker is in an equipment/electrical room.

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    Thanks guys the Agent nor client was present at inspection but i contacted agent about gaining access to Equip room they have to be there i just was not sure if was common for one not being there at a viewable site like i said i have not done but a couple of these condos but thanks for your time and help much appreciated.


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