Well I thought that I would say Hi, I have been watching this forum for a while and I think its time to get involved,a little of my background I am from Utah in the northern end of the state,I have been a plumber for the last 20 years and also did some HVAC work for 5 years I started working for a guy doing home inspections a couple of years ago on the side when he needed a hand a loved every min of it,he got a new job and could no longer do the home inspections and sold me his name and what few contacts he had,I thought that I would just do it part time for a while,when last Oct I got laid off as a plumber so I pulled up my pants and am trying to make this whole home inspector thing work, So far I cant complain I am doing 3 to 4 inspections a week and keeping my head above the water for now,I am going to AHIT next month they are doing a class here in Utah,any and all help in what training to get from you guys would be great,I am very much a firm believer in training,as a service plumber I went to every training that I could from boilers to anything new that comes out,I am going to keep my plumbing license current and stay up on that training to help me be a better inspector, again thanks for any help. Troy