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    Default New Guy Around 4 Corners

    I am currently doing inspections of mobile homes for a mortgage company, around the 4 corners area. (NM, AZ, UT, CO) Including parts of the Navajo & Ute resarvations.
    I'd be interested in hearing from others who are doing these types of inspections.

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    Default Re: New Guy Around 4 Corners

    Just 2 days ago I did a "foundation" inspection for a mobile home. Owner has applied for a reverse mortgage and the lender required the inspection. There is an engineering firm between the lender and me

    I was supposed to ID and photo the HUD tag, but it was nowhere to be found. I did, however, get the S/N off of the compliance certificate (located on the inside of a cabinet door). I also photo'd the certificate.

    I also was supposed to photo the foundation supports (piers) and tiedowns, but I was not able as there was no permanent access opening (ie., removable hatch, etc.) to the crawl space. I would have had to damage the skirting system to get under the trailer, and the engineer concurred with me that doing damage was not an option.

    The engineer will now have to contact the owner to have an access opening installed........ Then I'll get another inspection job.

    By the way, you won't get rich doing these inspections.

    Bruce Low
    Bottom Line Home Inspection
    Luxemburg, WI

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    Default Re: New Guy Around 4 Corners

    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce Low View Post
    By the way, you won't get rich doing these inspections.
    As opposed to "regular' home inspections?


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