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    Zero when there are no disasters.

    FEMA contracts two companies, PARR and PB to subcontract out the work. They pay about $55 per inspection and you cover all your own expenses. This has been covered in detail in the sub-forum dedicated to this topic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry Mundell View Post
    How much money do fema inspector make?
    Bruce covered it pretty darn well. I will add that as a contract inspector working FEMA disasters you will actually need to have enough money to live off of (car, lodging, food, expenses) for 3-4 weeks. Or at least that it what it took to get your first paycheck when I did them several years back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry Mundell View Post
    How much money do fema inspector make?
    How much money do FEMA Inspectors make? Ultimately, damn little for the effort, the out of pocket expenses and conditions you will work in.

    The requirements from FEMA are a rats nest of ever changing regulations. These regulations and requirements are then interpreted by PaRR or PB. Ultimately, you are going to get screwed by back charges (FCOR) because you missed a little detail, buried in the regs. somewhere.

    When you arrive, unless you are a Pro at this game with many deployments under your belt, you will be sent to "field training" which will burn another day or two. During my deployment, I spent the first 5 days sitting on my butt doing absolutely nothing. The (eventually) will pay you for this stand by time but not for weeks.

    They will waste your time. While all your living expenses continue unabated. They will send you a crap ton of requests which you will diligently spend hours and hours making appointments with. Then you will get the call to turn all those back in and move to a different area entirely and start all over.
    It happened to me TWICE during my deployment. Moving from LA to TX cost me at least 2 days of lost time.

    In LA, they stationed me in New Orleans for the first training and the first dozen or so inspections. Then they started issuing me inspection requests in Baton Rouge, 75 miles away, one-way. At this point, there were no rooms there so I had to drive back and forth each day.

    Every time this happens, you loose one, maybe two days relocating, finding another place to live, packing and unpacking and then waiting for the download for new requests. Then you get to spend hours calling all those people for appointments.

    At the rate of $50-$55 per inspection, you need to do 10 or more a day to cover your butt. Finding a place to stay is a nightmare. By the time you get there, the big companies like utilities etc. have bulk bought all the available rooms anywhere near where you will be working. Good luck finding something for less than $100 a day. The option is to hook up with another inspector and share. Not always the best situation but it can be fun. I did it twice.

    Now add to the fun. You have likely never been to the place you have been sent. You don't know the area or the roads. The street signs are all knocked down, the houses are not numbered, the occupants have moved out of state for the duration, the phones don't work and the power is out. The inside of the houses are like a cave with no lights. Fun stuff.

    All in all, it was an "adventure" for sure. Interesting but I wouldn't do it again.

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