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    Hi All,

    I am a new member and am looking forward to all of your comments. I just retired from the Air Force after 20 years in the Civil Engineer Squadron.

    I just finished my inspector course as required by the state to get my cert. Part of the course was a discount on my ASHI membership but when I checked the ASHI web site it stated you had to have 50 inspections under a certified inspector before you can join. Has anyone else read this or did I misunderstand? Does any other state require inspections under a certified inspector prior to getting your own certification?

    Any comments/advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Robert,

    In my opinion, you need to quit worrying about 'which' organization to join. Spend your time, efforts and money on those things that are essential tools to conduct your new business AND more eduction for the business.

    There are some really good inspectors on this board that can help you with the SC requirements and, I'm sure would be more than glad to help in any way possible. Jump in to the different threads and feel free to ask questions... you will helped as I'm sure you will most certainly also have something to contribute, as well.

    There are some folks out there who want to take your money and pull you into the 'flock' (sort-a-speak) just to get you to pay your way onto their membership roster. For what it is worth, my suggestion is to re-invest that money back into yourself (via education) rather than investing into others pockets.

    I will address only the group you were inquiring about-- ASHI. This association has provided the backbone of the inspection profession with the Standards of Practice and Ethics to follow, in-order to provide reasonable expectations for the public and the inspector, for many years.

    My respect for that organization is at a very high level. I should qualify my comments by saying that I am not a member of ASHI, nor have I ever been. For the most part, the members of that organization conduct themselves in a professional manner and help to educate the public, their own members and others as well. The state in which I live and conduct business requires home inspector licensing so... our Standard of Practice are regulated by at the state level and governed by the Texas Real Estate Commission. Therefore, I/we do not have the need to operate under the umbrella of an association's SOP.

    If I were in your shoes, I would definitely become a sponge by reading (every day) through the different threads on this free web-site. After all, it is (here is the best part) free. Take advantage of it...

    Good luck with your new endeavor.


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    Unless it's changed recently, the inspections aren't required to be done under another inspector. You need 50 paid inspections to become a candidate, and 250 paid inspections to become a member. The inspections are reviewed by ASHI to determine that you are following proper reporting protocol. They will review an inspection ahead of time if you want to make sure that your reporting is up to par.

    Jim Robinson
    New Mexico, USA

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    Congratulations on your retirement from the Air Force. I'm also retired from the AF with 24 years, electrical power production career field, but spent all my time in Combat Communications. As you just retired, you hopefully have your VA educational benefits. Go to the local community college and sign up, most have electrical, plumbing, construction trade classes and let the VA pay for them. I'm currently working on a associates in Construction Management that they are paying for. The VA will also pay for the International Code Council tests: International Code Council: ICC Online | News and Events | About ICC: Introduction to the ICC
    ICC Online | News and Events |

    and they also will pay for the National Home Inspectors Exam
    Examination Board Of Professional Home Inspectors: Home Inspection Exam
    Frequently Asked Questions

    As far as the licensing/certification, are you mixing up the state LICENSING requirements with ASHI membership CERTIFICATION requirements. I read the SC requirements and it sounds like you do not qualify under several areas, until you get to
    106-4 B 3. Has successfully completed a formal course of training or study in home inspection approved by the commission.
    Upon filing of a completed application and copy of the required fees, the applicant shall be entitled to take the home inspectors licensing examination as prescribed by the commission. Upon successful completion of the examination and payment of the licensing fee, the commission shall issue the applicant a license to engage in the business of home inspection in this State. A passing score is seventy or better.

    I would carefully read the state licensing requirements. MY interpretation is that you have completed a formal course, have to take a test and don't need the 1 year experience, direct supervision or 50 inspections. Those or's at the end of each paragraph to me say there are different ways to get your license. CAll the commission, concentrate on the state LICENSING requirements before you worry about association membership CERTIFICATION requirements.

    AS far as national associations, Do Due Diligence and look at what is going on at their message boards or websites. Look for a state association.

    Phil Harvey

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    I would love to survey the people that sign our paychecks (home buyers/owners) to find out how many have ever heard of ashi, nachi, or all the other alphabet soup organizations out there. There's even an organization for "independent Home Inspectors". The bottom line is that they all want your money so that you can say that you're a member of the club.
    The first response was best. Spend your money on education and become the best you can be. The hades with everyone else.
    You've now gotten your piece of paper that says you can take the State Licensing Exam. To take it, go here
    Come back here often and learn.
    Best of luck and stay out of Myrtle Beach.

    I just edited to add the following:

    The license App. requires;

    1. Are you currently certified as a building or home inspector by an organization approved by the S. C. Residential Builders
    Commission? _____Yes _____No
    If YES, name of organization: ________________________________________
    (Attach proof of certification)

    Was the course you took approved by the State?

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    My advise is to find a local chapter that has a meeting near you. Many of the state and national associations have local chapters that hold monthly meetings. That would probably be where you will get your best help, from other inspectors and from guest speakers. If the local chapter is good, then you can join whatever organization that they are affiliated with, if you choose to do so.

    And, as the others have said, lean lots by reading this board, various building codes and manufacturer's installation instructions for common hardware and appliances.

    Department of Redundancy Department
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