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    Default Good Morning to all,

    Hi my name is Kelly Hachey, and I am new to this site, and to the field. I have gone through the Home Inspection program from Carson Dunlop. It took me 1 year, and a lot of stressful days/nights/evenings/ etc... I had such a good time with the course, how ever I wish I would of known of this site when I first stated, I may have not been so stressed...
    Anyways, I live in the Lambton-Kent area, and am soon going to be opening my business.
    If anyone has any tips for me, please feel free to send them on through...and help is great! I look forward to sharing my knowledge, and concerns with all of you!
    Nice to meet all of you!

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    Default Re: Good Morning to all,

    Welcome to the site Kelly and good luck in your new venture.
    Always do your best and you will go a long way.

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    Default Re: Good Morning to all,

    Carson Dunlop offers top notch education.

    Now all you need is experience.

    Potential clients are going to be reluctant to rely on an inexperienced inspector so you must convince them that there's more to inspecting than experience. Point out your Carson Dunlop education. Then you may have to get experience by offering services for a low fee. There are always people who go for the lowest price. Then down the road you can tell people that you have x amount of inspections under your belt for x amount of time.


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