My name is Bruce Harvey, I'm President of the Newark (Delaware) Landlord Association. I'm lead plaintiff in a class action lawsuit against the City of Newark, contesting its $300/year rental permit fees. There's a principle that a fee must be
reasonably related to costs, otherwise it becomes an unauthorized tax.

I'm looking for someone who can provide litigation support, as an expert witness on inspections. These are cursory annual property maintenance inspections, typically taking 10 to 15 minutes on-site. They are very similar to Housing Quality Standards inspections.

I hope to find a person or company who:
1. Has experience with short IPMC or HQS inspections
2. Has experience providing such services, as a contractor, to municipalities or housing authorities.
3. Has experience making bids on and/or determining costs of IPMC or HQS inspections.
4. Could qualify as an expert in court.

If anyone wants to discuss this further, please contact me:
Bruce Harvey
5 Phillips Avenue
Newark, DE 19711
Cell: 302-368-9374
Home/office: 302-368-9374

Many thanks.

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