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    Default Texas CE Requirements

    So, I've been trying to read the TREC website and I cannot seem to find the CE requirements for renewing a license in Texas. The rule book states we need to have the new 6 hours of ethics but I cannot find in black and white exactly what we need. The first paragraph states the 6 hours but the total # is not listed on the page.

    Now, I know that we need 16 hours per year. My question is: Since Texas gives you 2 years before renewal the first time around (I am on my second year) do I need 32 hours or since it is my first renewal do I only need the 16 hours each year from here on out??

    Any help would be great! Maybe a link to where it states it. I'm sure I'm overlooking it.

    Oh....and recommendations for where to take classes in the Central Texas also!

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    Default Re: Texas CE Requirements

    Here is one answer for you since it was in front of me.This is also a company that teaches not only that course but more than enough every year to get the hours you need

    The answer to the question as to how many hours total is 32 hours every 2 years and 6 of those hours at the least have to be about the post from you. The rest are up to you.

    No, I am not a salesman for the courses. I have just taken classes through them in the past.

    Texas SoP / Legal / Ethics
    Update Course
    December 15, 2011
    Abilene, Texas

    RETS is now offering the NEWLY Mandated Continuing Education Course [/font]
    "Texas SoP / Legal / Ethics Update Course".
    All inspectors renewing their license after September 1, 2011 are required to take this Mandated Update course.
    This 8 hour course covers and meets the 6 hour update requirements and will count towards the 32-hour continuing education requirements needed to renew your license every two years.

    The goal of the Update course is to increase the licensee's knowledge of changes to the Standards of Practice, Legal Issues and continue challenging licensees to maintain High Ethical Standards.
    TREC WILL NOT renew your license unless you provide a certificate of completion for the Mandated Texas SoP / Legal / Ethics Update course.
    Don't get caught in the dark when renewing your license SIGN UP TODAY!

    Course Location: Abilene, Texas
    Holiday Inn Express
    1802 East I-20
    Abilene,Texas 79601

    Course Times: 8 am - 5 pm - Thursday
    (This is an 8 hour classroom setting so to provide and even 8 hours towards your 32 renewal requirements.)

    Course Cost: $125

    For more detail or TO REGISTER - CLICK HERE

    Future Dates and Locations RETS will offer this Mandated Update Course:

    Tyler - February 11, 2012 - Location: Tyler Board of Realtors

    Arlington - May 11, 2012 - Location: La Quinta Inn & Suites

    Buda - July 21, 2012 - Holiday Inn Express

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    Default Re: Texas CE Requirements

    Check out TPREIA, I have been a member since its inception and have received far more value in quality continuing education than the annual dues. They have free classes (for paid members) in varied locations around the state, Great bunch of folks also. Home - Texas Professional Real Estate Inspectors Association, TPREIA - Texas Building Inspectors - Texas property Inspectors - Texas Real Estate Inspectors - Texas home inspector training - Texas home inspector education

    Jim Luttrall
    Plano, Texas

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    Default Re: Texas CE Requirements

    And they have a pretty new website. Ill join after the beginning of the year. I have been going to join for a couple of years. Not for the website.

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    Default Re: Texas CE Requirements

    Here is the TREC approved course you seek "Texas Standards of Practice/Legal/Ethics Update" course - InterNACHI

    Online and free of course.

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