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    Good afternoon, I have recently completed the rquired schooling and testing to inspect homes in eastern Pa. I am getting ready to comply with ASHI rquitremnets of 100 supervised inspections and I am looking at software programs. The million dollar question, which one? I have reviewed 3d, HomeGuage and Palm tech. Also have read about Home inspection Pro. Any feed back would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Don't forget to look at paper-based systems as well. Not as flashy, but when you're done with the inspection, you're DONE. It's also less of an up-front hardware expense.
    Take a look at Kaplan's books; they're the ones we use.
    Matrix Deluxe Home Inspection Report Forms

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    Mark, search the archives for inspection software and reports. There are lots of older threads on this subject.
    I personally think paper, checklist type reports are less professional. Just as with onsite reporting, you cannot research info or issues found if needed. Photo's are also nice to insert into reports. JMO!!

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    Top three Are Home Inspector Pro,Home Gauge and 3D.
    I use Home Inspector Pro because it is the fastest and best looking with best support in the business from owner Dominic.

    Get a trial for all three and then decide.

    IMO the only others to consider are Report Host and Horizon.
    Many of the others are word based and not anywhere near as good as a result.


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