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    Hello.Ken here.I was given a small construction heater,208/240 volt,that i am planning to use in my garage during the colder months of our winter.My plan is to hard wire this to the panel thru a suitable breaker.While checking for information on this I came across this site,read some of the safety alerts on this and decided to sign up.It seems using this heater in the way I planned is not a good idea.Any thoughts on this?
    Thanks Ken V.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Villeneuve View Post
    It seems using this heater in the way I planned is not a good idea.
    Follow that advice - what you are describing is not only not a good idea, it is also against code, which is why it is not a good idea (because it is neither allowed nor safe to do what describe).

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    Welcome, as one who was posted to Shilo for a few years I sympathize with your quest for heat.

    The best advice was given by Jerry.

    If you need a heater make sure that it is allowed to be installed where you want to install it. Owners/Installation manual. Dont treat electical wiring lightly, ever.
    If your province allows you to do your wiring (Ontario allows homeowners to work on their own homes) you still need to get a permit and explain how your going to do it, drawings and schematics are required $$$.
    The area electrical inspector will show up before you throw any power to that line, guaranteed, He will ask for a phone call.
    No permit no work.
    No permit no insurance coverage.

    Welcome aboard


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