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    Default Who are the FEMA contractors?

    I have been deployed with both Parr and PB. Is there another contractor doing FEMA inspections? I see declared disasters on the FEMA website that are NOT being serviced by either.

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    Default Re: Who are the FEMA contractors?


    FEMA has two contractors for the IHP (Individuals and Households Program). The current contract has been extended until March 31,2013. So next year FEMA will take bids from potential contractors for the new contract. The latest word is that there will be two contractors under the new contract. I have also heard that eight companies (including PB and PaRR) will bid the new contract.

    There are different types of disaster declarations. The reason you see "declared disasters on the FEMA website that are NOT being serviced by" the two contractors is that those declarations do not include IA (Individual Assistance). Those declarations include assistance to the state or local governments for things like debris removal, repairs to public roads and bridges, repairs to water and sewage treatment plants, etc. So a declaration must include a declaration for IA for PaRR or PB to deploy inspectors to the disaster.

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    Default Re: Who are the FEMA contractors?

    I completed over 1200 inspections with pb in 2005,Rita and wilma.I averaged 18 per day.Best day 28.In Sept Parr called me out for Irene in NY,then Lee also in NY.I completed another 1200+ inspections,and became a pemanant pad inspector.Average 15 per day.Best day 23. Yesterday I attended a class with PB where I learned the Govt. is pushing to make all inspecters employees,not contractors.This will open the bidding to many other companies,and screw inspectrs who average 5k per of the companies is called Pilot. Thats all I know,cant seem to be able to google them. Another is Parsons out of Ca.They were advertising for pb and parr insp.Another problem with employee based system is that we must commit to just one co.This will reduce chance of deployment.If anyone has more info or needs more I can be contacted at


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