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    Hello to everyone here. I am RJ, and I am a first time homeowner living in Austin, TX. Recently bought a house built in 1996, haven't even moved in yet (still doing some remodeling).

    That being said, I already have a list of questions for the boards (just listed one today regarding A/C drain pipes)

    But for now, just saying hello, and hopefully after living in my new home I can offer advice to others down the line.

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    So, I have to ask: did you get a home inspection before you bought?

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    Yes I did.

    However, some recommendation, although helpful, dont cover many things that I read about after doing my own research online (such as on this site)

    If I would have known what to ask when given my inspection resulsts overview, I may have gotten more out of it. Hindsight is always 20/20.


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