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    Default New inspector in Northern Virginia area

    Hi all,

    Newly Certified Virginia Home Inspector in Fairfax, Virginia. I spent the past year+ training with some of the great guys in our local ASHI chapter (NOVA ASHI) and reading as much as I can online about the home inspection industry. This site has provided a wealth of information. I look forward to learning more and will one day post. Now for the hard myself. I'm doing the open house bit to get some one on one time with Realtors and handed out NOVA ASHI information along with my cards at the local Northern VA Assoc. of Realtors convention and trade show. That's my story.

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    Default Re: New inspector in Northern Virginia area

    Dennis, Welcome and good luck...


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    Default Re: New inspector in Northern Virginia area

    Welcome to the board - you can learn a lot here.

    Jim Robinson
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    Getting started and building up a business is the hardest part. Meet and greet agents can help a lot. You have to make an immediate impression that you have knowledge and the personality to present that knowledge effectively to a client.

    There is a guy named Mike Crow out of Texas that some home inspectors have used to help them build and/or jump start their business. I can't endorse the guy, but I know a couple of inspectors who like him. You can google him if interested.

    Good Luck.


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