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    Hey guys (& gals...),

    My name is Richard, and I'm a home buyer in Houston. I've lived in suburbia all my life; currently, my new home is in early construction, in The Heights, Houston's historic first developed neighborhood. I'll have a skyline view from the new masterbedroom windows.
    I've visited the site many times and have a good rapport with the builder. I stumbled upon Inspection News while looking for a question I had about a cantilevered balcony support. I know just enough about building construction to be considered dangerous, having built numerous outdoor decks & living areas. Keeps him on his toes.
    Glad to say, the above question was answered to my satisfaction yesterday at the site with the builder and project engineer. Not one to believe in stupid questions, I will run my next one by you folks here, first, before running it by this 'busy' man. This site looks very promising, and I couldn't have found it at a better time. Thanks for reading this. Thanks for all you do. Richard

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    I look forward to watching the progress of your home. Keep posting pics and asking questions!

    Egbert Jager
    Diamond Home Inspection


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