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    Hi, I am an electrician, I have done some electrical inspections and would like to use this site to round out my knowledge of the inspecting industry. So far, I have been on the receiving side of the yard.

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    Welcome J.

    As an electrician, you will probably have more knowledge in your field than most of us. There are a few here that are electrical contractors, but most of us are generalists.

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    Stick with your trade.

    You can spend about an hour in a house to perform a minor upgrade or repair and come away with about the same amount of money that inspectors get for exposing themselves to repair/replacement litigation for about 200 hundred items in the same property.

    In Massachusetts your liability is limited to 1 year. Ours extends to 3 years for about 200 items.

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    Hello J. Renner from Connecticut.
    Welcome in, to the board of home and building inspectors.
    Electrical posts make up a huge amount of the information, questions, and confrontations, counter-questions, and counter-confrontations and can be one of the most misunderstood and/or mis-interpreted issues we have going. Even that statement may generate issues.
    Your knowledge may be tested here. Look forward to your views on some of the various issues that have been brought up.

    For instance - I appriciate your views on this typical post.

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    J, Good to see you in here. The more trades opinion the better.

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