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    Hello Everyone,

    I'm also posting to satisfy the "our records indicate you have never posted on InspectionNews" prompt.

    I'm a relatively new Professional Real Estate Inspector, #20447 (licensed in July 2012). I'm located in McKinney, TX and am one of nine (9) Professional Inspectors on staff with Burgess Inspection Group of Plano, TX. I've performed about 100 or so training inspections and 25 on my own since being certified to go out and do it for the company and am loving every minute of it! I just recently joined this forum and have enjoyed the professional exchange thus far.

    I'm retired CIA, am I'm happily married to my lovely wife, Janet, of 33 years and enjoy spending time with her, our children and grandchildren.

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    Welcome Anthony,

    Looking forward to your input.

    It Might have Choked Artie But it ain't gone'a choke Stymie! Our Gang " The Pooch " (1932)
    Billy J. Stephens HI Service Memphis TN.


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