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    I continue to get messages that I have never posted. So here goes.
    I was an active inspector for a short time. I was a member of CREIA and proud of it.It was a time when I was considering retirement and thought that I would like to have a job/business that would keep me busy in my retirement.
    I did enough inspections to pay for my training and expenses. I came to realize that Home Inspections require way more than I anticipated. So I went ahead and slipped into full retirement. I continue to have an interest in the Home Inspection field.
    Oh! one last thing that helped to seal my fate as an inspector, I have claustrophobia and I was living in Oceanside, Ca. where I was receiving many calls for inspections with crawl spaces.
    Ed Genest

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    Enjoy your retirement. Home Inspecting is tough business and more involved than many people think. To do it right and stay out of trouble isn't any cake-walk. I enjoy what I do, which helps a lot.

    When people ask about getting into being a home inspector, I have a mental list of about probing questions. If they don't start to waiver by question 10, they may make it!

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    Enjoy retirement but if you have a passion for this business stay involved, visit the NCTV CREIA chapter and stay connected. I would be happy to do some crawl spaces! Better than these slab on grade houses out in Murrieta area.

    James McKinley, Certified CREIA Inspector
    Professional Property Inspections

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edward Genest View Post
    Oh! one last thing that helped to seal my fate as an inspector, I have claustrophobia
    That is not uncommon with inspectors. This is something I experience from time to time and when it occurs it can be pretty overwhelming.

    Eric Barker, ACI
    Lake Barrington, IL


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