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    Just wanted to start by saying hi. Just completed AHIT's master course and I am in the process of studying for the National test. Here in PA we have to be a full member of ASHI, NAHI, or InterNachi. I need to go through a mentoring program. Anybody have any thoughts on where to meet a couple of guy to do this with? I see a bunch of local chapters here that I might be able to meet up with.
    Thanks for any help,

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    What part of PA are you from? There are few active ASHI chapters. Attend a meeting. The chapters are a tremendous resource.

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    Im fromWarminster, pa. I know ashi has a meeting second tuesday and nahi has a meeting in lansdale. Neither is having a meeting this month because of the holidays. I was just wondering if there were any mentors on here that could help out.


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