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    Hi, I'm Gil Baker Honey Creek Home Inspections LLC. 1st year in business.
    Joplin, MO area. Looking at additional training to obtain OK license.

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    Hi Gil,

    What is required by your State? There are a lot of very good HI schools. Carson Dunlop puts out some great books. My personal favorites are "Principles of Home Inspection"by Carson Dunlop and "Field Guide to Home Inspections" by Stephen Gladstone. Both are great resorces. If you need to take the NHIE, "Home Inspection Exam Prep"by Carson Dunlop is great.

    If your weak in a certain subject you may want to take a night course at your local collage or tech school.

    The more you put into this business the more you will get out off it. You owe it to your customers/clients to become as educated as possible and always do the best job you can.

    Hans Cramer
    Cramer Inspeciton Group
    Vermont Home Inspection | Vermont Home Inspectors | Cramer Home Inspection Group Inc. | Vermont Foreclosures

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    Hi Hans,

    Oklahoma requires 90 hours, I attended a 3 day community college

    course in Springfield, MO when I started last year. Great class but

    need more hours as well as knowledge.. Will go with ASHI/Carlson

    Dunlap online, Thanks, Gil


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