I am looking to complete my 100 ride along inspections required for PA. I am from the Bucks county area. Looking for people in the tri-county area (bucks montgomery, chester or the city) that would be interested in mentoring. I am also hunting around in the local chapters for people to do ride alongs. If you know anybody that would be interested thats not on here let me know. My schedule is kinda nice I work no later then noon Sunday thru Thursday. I could do one a day in the afternoon if close enough and I'm off Friday Saturday to do as many as I can. Looking to complete ASAP, yes I am willing to pay a fee or not if your willing to do it for lunch or carrying tools.

Thanks for the help!!!

Contact Steve Schmidt

Also does anyone know if there is a specific form that has to filled out to keep track, one person told me just a book to log it in but doesn't seem right.

I love this site, it's a great tool to have for a new or seasoned inspector!!!!

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