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    Default Hello from Austin, Texas

    I am a roof consultant in Austin, Texas. I have enjoyed reading this forum for the last several days and decided to quit lurking in the shadows and join in.

    I have a contracting background that began in 1966 and started doing roof consulting full time in 1984. I did mostly design and specification work for the first ten years or so, but since the early 1990's I've gravitated more toward inspection and forensic analysis of roofs and building envelopes. Water intrusion is my thing.

    I am also approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission as an instructor in the field of roof inspection, and have provided instruction and ongoing technical support for Texas home inspectors off and on for the last 25 years, mostly through the Texas Association of Real Estate Inspectors (TAREI).

    I hope to learn from the members of this forum and be a contribution where I can.

    Don Putnam
    Home - Putnam Construction Consulting

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    Default Re: Hello from Austin, Texas


    Welcome to the board! I'm sure there will be many questions that your expertise can help us answer and learn from.

    Knowledge is power, but sharing knowledge brings peace!
    Texas License# 7593

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    Default Re: Hello from Austin, Texas

    Welcome Don!!!

    Tom Rees / A Closer Look Home Inspection / Salt Lake City, Utah

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    Default Re: Hello from Austin, Texas

    Welcome Don,

    Great to have you join in on the form. Roof inspections are a very important component in our profession as well, and through the years I have found the composition of shingles can change due to different weather conditions.
    I am sure your knowledge will be helpful to all of us.

    Ken McConnell
    Quality Home & Building Inspection Consultants

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    Default Re: Hello from Austin, Texas

    hello this is my first post. that message you get telling you to make your first post is very annoying


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