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    Default French speaking from Quebec

    Hello all,

    new to this site and I like what I read. Lots of good info. Home inspector in Qc, I had to change career from construction after a back accident. I've had the priviledge to live in the US for 10 yrs and worked in AZ, FL, and NH before moving back up north. I did post a few replies earlier before introducing myself, I hadn't scrolled down far enough to see this thread. Please, don't mind my replies, sometimes my thought process gets scrambled in the translation.

    I'll try to pitch in from time to time.


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    Default Re: French speaking from Quebec

    Salut...Welcome, Stephen.....

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    Default Re: French speaking from Quebec

    Commen t'allez vous, Monsieur!

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    Welcome to the discussion.....

    Scott Patterson, ACI
    Spring Hill, TN

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    Lots of tres bon info here, Stephen. But remember there are hundreds of variations in the code rules dept, so be careful to check locally as well, especially since you are in la belle provence.

    John Kogel, RHI, BC HI Lic #47455


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