Hello All,
My Name is Peter. I have been a PB Inspector since October 2012. A Parr inspector since 2010.
I was deployed to NY for Super Storm Sandy. I spent 3 weeks in the field.
It was a trying experience but overall rewarding. I had a good mentor in the field who helped me streamline my inspections.

My background as a Contractor & Building Inspector In a Hurricane Zone certainly helped me grasp the situation a little easier than most.
This is certainly not a career move for anyone as to the amount of times you will probable be called within a year If any.

I noticed that a lot of people from other fields with no real Inspection/Construction experience, not only struggle with the FEMA system learning curve (we all do) also, don't have a clue about what to look for, quantify, and record. In my opinion you can't teach that kind of stuff in the field you have to experience it through life & vocation. I guess this economy has drawn others to this profession because of the limited employment opportunity this country is facing. I am not a fan of just putting bodies in the field It does no good for the App or the inspection service and the inspector when they make no money or it cost them money to deploy.

In my opinion inspection services should be more strict about who they let be an inspector. I know that they want a diversified, intelligent workforce and feel they can get that from expanding other professions to accomplish that.
My idea is that Inspection services should give a experience level test and sensitivity / personality test. This would alleviate problems before they start.
Just my 2 cents

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