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    Good Day All! i am taking this opportunity to introduce myself and expound upon the virtues of this site. I am a retired professor and wanted to continue to 'educate' and have quite a bit of experience with my own home projects and thought this would be a good 'second' career. It has been very rewarding personally and financially. I am a member of ASHI, the Better Business Bureau (yes it has gotten me inspections), among other groups.
    This website has been very beneficial to me when I have something come up that is a little unuusal or just need some additional information. I appreciate the willingness of other inspectors to 'share' their knowledge! It is like the starfish story, you can make a difference one at a time. Thank you to all that contribute. I know it takes time out of your day and away from family, work or whatever. You are all supportive, informative, and above all willing to share and educate! THANK YOU!!

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    Welcome to the forum John!

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    Hi John,

    Welcome to InspectionNews!

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