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    Angry illegal basement conversion

    hi guys, my girlfriend rented a 2nd floor apartment in chicago and for two months the heating its been a nightmare , the thermostat was set at 70 and the heat will go at high as 85 and it will work fine for a day or two and then the same either 85 or no heat at all, the landlord keep telling her that the thermostat maybe was defective ,but never came to fix it. i told her that somebody in the other floor or basement was tapping into her boiler. and sure enough she its renting the basement and now we know they are having all her utilities tap for all this building. my question its, i call 311 and the alderman to report this, the utility companies do not care, they just tell you that as long as they dont steal from them , they wont do nothing , so , how do you know if this basement its an illegal apartment by city codes and they will not allow you access to it. can the city make them open this basement to check if its illegal.? she will be moving out, but i will not want this people to keep stealing from the next renter. how or who can we contact to have a real building inspector come. please help

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    Default Re: illegal basement conversion

    Google City of Chicago, building violations.
    Chicago 311

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    Default Re: illegal basement conversion

    Contact property standards or bylaws dept. in your area,they should be able to enter the property.

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    Give me a call and I'll explain your best options to you. Too much to type out and its late.
    You can get my number from my website. I'll be around tomorrow.
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