I have actually been a member for a few years now, but, being 'merely a homeowner' have not had anything to post. I keep getting a message when I sign on encouraging me to post something.

I'll take this opportunity to say a big "Thanks" to this community. I am 'building my own house' - my brother in law is contractor, which allows me a lot of flexibility as I'm doing a lot of the work myself.

I have learned so much from this forum that has helped me make appropriate decisions on my house that I may not have thought about myself - whether code or beyond code. I want to build a good house - the 'Code is a floor to build up from' is a philosophy I've clearly adopted from this forum

From step codes, to bathroom receptacle placement, to deck railing codes and considerations, to landings, to Chinese drywall avoidance, proper roof shingling techniques, and many more things - Thanks for the info.

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