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    I have a condo built in California in the mid 80's. It was built with a "storage loft" that was accessed by a ladder from the living room below. The opening into the "storage loft" was and still is about 6'2". In 1990, I pulled a permit and built stairs to the "storage loft" and in the process changed the name of the room to a "Study loft". Recently we had a major blow up with the city where they came through most all of the units and condemned the lofts. They were being used as bedrooms. My loft was condemned but only because the student tenant installed some temporary walls. In any case the chief building official and I have had words about the stairs and the height of the opening into the "study loft".

    I contend the existing opening was there when the permit was issued and the construction was inspected and approved He contends that the height of the opening should have been and should be 7' 6".

    I have asked for a code cite that applied to the construction in 1990. All I have so fare is one form the current code.

    Can you help?

    Jim Kelly

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    I don't know about California, but here in NJ, when taking my code course, the instructor gave us a test to find what the required size of any interior door.
    Plain and simple, the only 'required' size of a door is the main egress door.
    Ask the CO to show you the requirements.

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