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    I'm a new inspector in the mountains of Colorado. Even though I've been certified, I have not advertised my services until I get IR certified and my reports, agreements, and website are finished. Wondering how to get the first few dozen inspections done, when people like Mike Holmes in his "Holmes Inspections" book asks for "10 references from clients over the past 3-5 years". I have also explored partnering with existing companies, but they do not want to hire someone who will become their competition. Any suggestions?

    Tim Nixon

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    Well..........first, Hi Tim. Where abouts in the mountains might you be?

    and secondly, you don't need an IR camera start. Nor, should the much self esteemed Mr. Holmes be your mentor. That said, get out and meet some realtors. Shake hands and tell them why they should refer you to a client. Getting started is the tough part, but if you look and act like you might know what you are doing, some agent will give you a shot.

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