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    I'd just like to say hey & thanks for doing what you do here. I'm planning on building on ICF home in Spartanburg, SC this year, 2013. I read an old post from 2007 about stucco directly over the ICF foam issues. The ICF manfacturers say it's ok but the stucco pros say don't do it without a drainage plane? Is this still the case? Has there been new data on those ICF homes built years ago?

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    I've seen it done a couple times, felt was used in one and not sure about the other one. The reason was to break the bond between the two (Stucco and Foam), kind of like using Ditra (the orange plastic stuff) over concrete, but under the tiles. Stucco expands and contracts at different rates than the foam and if you put the lath directly on the foam you might get cracks.

    I'm thinking the installers want to use the drainage plane as a bond break too.


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