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    Default Introduction from Southern California...

    I've been lurking on the forum for several years and thought I'd finally introduce myself.

    I'm a CA Licensed General Building Contractor (B) with ASB and HAZ certifications.
    I specialize in new construction but also do renovation work, and remodeling.
    I emphasize Green Building as a key part of the work I do and am a HERS Rater, a BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Professional, a Green Rater, and an EPA certified Lead Safe Contractor.

    As a General Contractor I'm often called upon to fix what you folks find during inspection. ;-)

    In my role as a Rater, I inspect and test certain aspects of building system performance in detail, using equipment such as Blower Doors, Duct Blaster, Flow Hoods, Combustion Gas Analyzer, and Combustible Gas Sensing equipment.

    I have an engineering background and enjoy working to solve or troubleshoot difficult or complex problems. Feel free to call on me if I can help!

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    Default Re: Introduction from Southern California...

    Welcome on board,we look forward to hearing your opinions on matters presented here,all the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Madden View Post
    I've been lurking on the forum for several years and thought I'd finally introduce myself.
    Hi Greg,

    I'm glad you have come out of the woodwork and have introduced yourself. I am in So Cal as well.

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